Welcome to my website - and to my world. I hope you find something there that you like, and will make you want to visit again.

 I'm a writer of both fiction and non-fiction who sees the Internet as a means of getting round the many obstacles that for some time now have been facing new authors in a publishing culture where firms prefer to accept a relatively small number of submissions and ditch the rest regard-less of quality (I have it on good authority that readers are told to contrive whatever reasons they can think of for rejecting a submission, even if it's absolutely excellent!).  I have completed a number of novels, short stories and articles over the past 10-15 years but so far, despite all my best efforts, they remain just files on a computer. I believe the Web offers a way out of this hiatus and it's one I would advise all in my situation to take; I know it's worked before.


My fictional stories tend to be political thrillers with strong elements of science fiction added, and embodying the spirit of the good old-fashioned adventure yarn while setting events within  the context of the modern world. Most of them concern Caroline Kent, glamorous oil executive whose troubleshooting missions for International Petroleum Limited often lead her into perilous situations where something more than the interests of her company - for whom she is not altogether happy to be working, because of the increasingly cut-throat nature of the industry - is at stake. Contemporary concerns such as environmental pollution figure large in the plots. While realistically accepting that we live in dark and violent times, the aim is to show that brave, decent types can still triumph over adversity and make the world a better place or at least prevent it from getting any worse! I'm not afraid to tackle subjects that some people - authors and publishers alike - might run away from.  


I also write extensively on current affairs, philosophy and theology, on which subjects I'm not afraid to say what I think and to challenge much of the received wisdom. 


On the whole, I would prefer my writing to be available in paper form. Last year I signed a contract with Authors Online Ltd by which the first novel, Eye of the Sun God, has now been published both on the Internet and in paper form (see page "Eye of the Sun God").  Unfortunately this means you will have to pay for downloading/purchasing it (as I did for the formatting on computer); I can only hope that for you it will be worth the money, as it was for me. Each time a novel is published it will be taken off the website as otherwise it would seem to break the terms of the contract. The books will be available initially via Authors Online's website (www.authorsonline.co.uk) - watch this space, as they say. They will be listed on Amazon and assigned ISBN numbers. In the meantime, I can e-mail items on the site to you in PDF format for you to read on an I-Pad, if desired.


By the way if you want some background information, I was educated at Millfield School and Southampton University, but have lived most of my life in the north-west Surrey/south-west London area. My interests are creative writing (as you'll have gathered), philosophy, classical music, traditional windmills and watermills (I'll elaborate on that some day), and going for long walks in the countryside. I'm not averse from time to time to meeting people for a drink and a chat. I'm 45, I live in a small flat on the outskirts of London, and I'm a regular churchgoer but won't ram my beliefs down your throat. I don't, incidentally, see any contradiction between Christian faith and simply portraying the world as it is - a place where, sometimes, people might swear, have sex or commit acts of violence - provided you don't go over the top or put things in  purely to titillate. So you shouldn't find my writing tame and boring, nor should you be shocked!


Do click on the Contact link with your comments on my work and I don't mind if you sarcastically point out continuity errors, etc., because that's half the fun of reviewing!  I can take it. Do also let me know if you didn't receive mailings, would prefer it in a different font etc.


NOTE: "Piper One" and "Weekend at Treneer" are both complete stories.


Best Wishes.


Last updated  21st February 2011


my e-mail address is guy.blythman@talktalk.net


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