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Guy Blythman


Note: this webpage contains material brought to my attention since the second edition of the Bibliography was published in 2008. It is unlikely there will be a further paper edition (but see comment at start of Index), and certainly there are not enough new entries yet to justify one, so the webpage will continue to be the only version of the Bibliography for the foreseeable future, being added to so far as software problems allow.





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n.d.                      No date

n.f.d                     No further details

DOE                    Department of the Environment

EKMG                East Kent Mills Group

IMS                     International Molinological Society

NWT                   Norfolk Windmills Trust

RCHM                Royal Commission on Historic Monuments

SPAB                  Society for the Protection of Ancient


TNS                    Transactions of the Newcomen Society





The number of books and articles concerning windmills has increased considerably since the first edition of this Bibliography was compiled by Mr C F Lindsey in 1974. It was therefore felt that a second edition was called for. Like the author's photographic register of English windmills, it is hoped that the content of the book will eventually be placed on the website maintained by the National Mills Archive (see below). This has so far proved difficult due to problems encountered with formatting. These are expected to be resolved as computer technology continues to advance, but in the meantime it was felt the information ought to be available to the public in some form. It is also the author's belief that the internet, wonderful invention as it is, should not be the sole means of presenting information.  Computers can crash, and the data be lost or become inaccessible for a time, whereas a book is always there on your shelf.  Some simply lack an affinity with computers or cannot afford easy and regular access to one. This includes some older people and many who are on benefits or low income. To put all our eggs in the basket of the Net would be to discriminate against such persons.

 The booklet aims to include all printed material on British windmills. It encompasses three categories of material:

(1) Books and booklets (the latter category is regarded as comprising anything from a single-sheet leaflet upwards). Publications on industrial archaeology, local history and rural life in general are included if they contain information on windmills (where this information amounts to an entire chapter, such has been indicated).

(2) Articles in journals on local and industrial history, archaeology and technology.

(3) Newspaper and magazine articles.

(4) Papers, theses, unpublished manuscripts, reports and surveys

 Some classes of material included in the 1974 edition have been omitted from this one, namely patents, technical drawings and leaflets appealing for funds for the restoration of particular mills. It was felt that these should be regarded as being in categories of their own and that the first two in particular deserved to be catalogued separately (this is something I am currently working on).

 New publications are appearing all the time, and inevitably some will have escaped the notice of the compiler. In addition, where newspaper and magazine articles are concerned, there have been so many that to identify and list them all, except where another has drawn the compiler's attention to them, would be time-consuming and impractical. Nonetheless any additional information would be welcome and should be communicated to the compiler at (postal address and telephone number withheld for reasons of privacy).

 For the same reason it has not been possible to read all the items listed in the bibliography, so although it is usually possible, from personal knowledge, to tell whether something is a book or a booklet it has not always been possible to assess the value of an item to researchers, so that they do not waste their time chasing up something which contributes little to our knowledge of the subject. Opinions are subjective anyway, though in one or two cases (where I feel sure most people would agree with me) I have felt justified in expressing mine. It is of course perfectly acceptable for even the serious mill buff to wish to acquire something simply as a "collectors' item".

 With some entries only the sketchiest information is available, and to attempt to find out more would be a time-consuming and costly business, so a certain amount of detective work may be necessary on the part of the reader.

 Regarding the articles, it can be assumed that those which appear in technical, local history or industrial archaeological journals are serious affairs reflecting careful research. Those in popular newspapers or magazines are less likely to be; I have found that the information (which may be given with the best of intentions) is often inaccurate. Nevertheless there may be information there which is useful, as well as attractively presented.

 The majority of books written before the 1950s, with the exception of Watermills and Windmills by W. Coles Finch, were concerned mainly with the romantic and aesthetic properties of windmills and are not a serious historical and technical study of the subject. They may contain interesting photographs. Those items marked* are particularly worth a look; it doesn't mean that the rest necessarily aren't, nor is this accolade an indication of anything other than the compiler's own personal opinion.

 The vast majority of items listed in the Bibliography will no longer be in print.  If your local library does not have a copy of the book or periodical you are seeking, you could consult it at the British Library or order it through the inter-library loan scheme. As well as Amazon, there are a number of second-hand booksellers, such as Bookfinder, who operate a booksearch through the Internet.

 ISBNs have been given for all books still in print, and a few of those out of print (it is not always essential, but the number may still be useful in tracing a book that is difficult to get hold of in the shops). Not all the minor publications - i.e. brief guide books, leaflets etc - will have been allocated one; their authors may not have thought it necessary. Books go out of print all the time and so the information given here may not always be up-to-date.

 The Science Museum Library at South Kensington stocks many of the books and booklets included in this bibliography; so too does the National Mills Archive, whose collection is gradually increasing in size. The Science Museum Library also holds a number of industrial archaeological journals which will contain many of the articles listed here, but some may have been transferred to the Royal Commission on Historic Monuments at Kemble Drive, Swindon. It would be best to check with the Library first where particular items are currently before attempting to consult the material.

 Current guide books to individual mills can be obtained from the mills themselves (the SPAB holds a list of windmills currently open to the public), whose custodians may also be able to supply information on previous editions.

I hope this Bibliography will prove useful to researchers.


January 2008




I would like to express my gratitude to staff at the various libraries who have helped me in my research; Mr J Kenneth Major and Mr David Jones, two leading authorities on wind- and watermills who checked the bibliography for errors and omissions;  Mr C F Lindsey who wrote the first edition of the Bibliography, which I used as my starting-point when compiling the second;  Mr Niall Roberts, Mr Tony Bryan, the late Mr Stephen Buckland, Mr Peter Filby, Mr Russell Jones and other members of the Mills Research Group who have supplied me with valuable information or checked the draft; Dr Ron Cookson and Mr Luke Bonwick at the Mills Archive Trust, where most  of the items mentioned here can be found; Simon Hughes and Mildred Cookson of the Mills Section; also the staff at the Science Museum Library, South Kensington, and the Royal Commission on Historic Monuments (now the National Monuments Record), Swindon.

 Copies, now out of date, of this MSS have been donated to the Science Museum Library and the National Mills Archive.

Thanks to Parchments for the printing and Zoe King for the cover.

Some additions and corrections were made from information kindly supplied by Michael Yates, October 2008.




National Mills Archive, 44 Watlington Street, Reading RG1 4RJ, 


The National Monuments Record (part of English Heritage), Kemble Drive, Swindon, SN2 2G7, 01793 414600


Science Museum Library, Imperial College Road, South Kensington London SW7 5NH


SPAB Mills Section, Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY Tel: 020 7377 1644 e-mail:




Most of these are relatively small booklets, which range in size from single sheet information handouts to much more comprehensive works which are almost books in their own right.


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(possibly same as (37))


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Item 771 (F Tyrer, Windmills of Crosby) was in fact printed and offered for sale to the public.


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(1) SPAB Wind- and Watermill Section/Mills Section newsletters from 1979 (typed news-sheets prior to then) and Annual Reports from 1933


(2) Mill Group Newsletters and Journals

These merit a special section of their own.  Since the foundation of the East Kent Mills Group (now the Kent Mills Group) in 1974, the number of regional societies for the study and conservation of windmills and watermills has increased. As well as special publications by them, which are included in the main body of this booklet, their newsletters and journals are a valuable source of information on the history and current status of individual mills as well as milling in general. The Suffolk Mills Group and Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletters currently contain articles on the bygone mills of their respective counties. In addition, many of them publish an annual, or at least regular, journal containing articles on molinological subjects pertaining to their county. Those containing articles on windmills are listed below. The SPAB Mills Section should hold copies of all newsletters and journals: failing that, they might be obtained from the British Library.

 Because of certain information not currently being accessible the list of journals and the articles appearing in them is not complete. Also the journals may contain articles other than the main ones which I have listed.  

 Copies will be held by NMA (most of them anyway), SPAB or by the groups themselves, whose contact details may change from time to time but should be available from SPAB .


Cambridgeshire Wind- and Watermills Society (now defunct)

Newsletters 1977-


East Kent Mills Group(now defunct)

Newsletters 1975-


Essex Mills Group

Newsletters  1985- (Mills Archive Trust hold them from 1985 to 2003)


Friends of Norfolk Windmills/Norfolk Mills Group

Newsletters 1977-


Hampshire Mills Group

Newsletters 1986-


Lincolnshire Mills Group (incorporating Nottinghamshire and Humberside)



Midland Wind- and Watermills Group

Newsletters 1977-


No 1 Summer 1980:

W A Seaby: "Bouncing Bess" Tower Mill, Rowington Green,


J Bedington: Rowington Tower Mill: The Cap

No 2 Summer 1981

W Foreman: Windmill Governors

No 3 Summer 1982 Norton Lindsey Windmill

No 4 Summer 1983

P Dolman: Bedfordshire Windmills

No 7 1986

R Holt: Mills and Milling in Mediaeval England

W Foreman: Wheatley Windmill

No 8 1988:

J Roberts: Birkdale Old Mill

No 9 1989

F C Gill: The Vanishing Windmill (reprinted from "The Northampton County Magazine", 1929)

No 10 1990

B Job, W A Seaby: Harbury Windmill

No 15 1995

M Yates: Wind- and Watermills on Postcards

No 16 1996

J Lawley: The Controversial Windmill of Much Wenlock

No 20 2000

S Buckland: Walsoken Brass and its Windmill

No 21 2002

T Bonson & B Job, Croxton Windmill, Staffordshire

No 22 2003

Bonson, T: The Self-Regulating Windmill of Edmund Lee

No.25 2006

Gifford, A: Multiple-Sailed Windmills in England



North-west Mills Group

Newsletters 1984-

Reviews/Journals (some of which also include "Notes, News and Views")


W T N Roberts: Bidston Windmill, Wirral

M Cookson: Staining Windmill

D S Paterson: Windmill Paintings by Karl Wood

D Bate & D Paterson: Windmills and Watermills of Llyn, Gwyneth

D Paterson: Additional Notes on Lancashire Windmills Past and Present



M Watts: Lancashire: a Windmilling First and Last

J Roberts: Fitting the Sails of Llynon Mill, Anglesey

M Cookson: Profile: Singleton Windmill

S McCauley: A Mill Enthusiast in the Making Part 1: Exploring North of Manchester

J Roberts: Visit to Gayton Mill, Wirral, August 1982

D Paterson: Gazetteer of Windmills in North Wales: Clywd and Carnarfon



J Roberts: Comparative Notes on tower mills in Anglesey and North-west England

D Paterson: Early windmills in Preston, Lancs

D Paterson: Preliminary Notes on Windmills in Clwyd

D Paterson: Preliminary Notes on a Merioneth Windmill

S Dunsbee: Pilling Mill



D Paterson: Milling in Liverpool and its Environs

D Paterson: Profiles of Some Windmills of Central Liverpool

D Paterson: Profiles of Some Rural Mills near Liverpool



D Paterson: Some Post Mills of South-West Lancashire



H Morris: Willaston Tower Mill: 1: The Working Mill

D S Paterson: Lancashire Windmills 1950-86 Part 1: Dereliction and Preservation Part 2: Post Mill Sites

D S Paterson: The Development of Post Mills in the North-west Part 1: The Early Development Part 2: Distribution and Spread of Post Mills in the North-west from the thirteenth century to the seventeenth



D Paterson & E Thompson: Windmills of the Cheshire Border North of the Mersey

D Paterson & E Thompson: Penketh Post Mill

D Paterson & E Thompson: Bold Tower Mill

D Paterson: Lancashire Windmills 1950-86 Part 3: Tower Mill Sites; Part 4: Gazetteer

D Paterson: The Development of Post Mills in the North-west: decline and demise of post mills in the North-west (18th to 20th centuries)

D Paterson: Mills of the Channel Islands, further notes



N Roberts: Two Irish windmills

D Paterson: Surveying Lancashire Windmills Past and Present



S Wetherill: Windmills in the Primary School

G Hughes: Wind, Water- and Animal-Powered Mills in Prescot, SW Lancs, 1453-1908



S & J Mousdale: Mills in the Channel Islands

J Hunter: Whispering Sails: Windmill Land, the Fylde in 2000 AD


Suffolk Mills Group

Newsletters 1977-


Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society (incorporating Sussex Mills Group)

SIAS/SMG Newsletters 1974-

Sussex Industrial History (Journal of Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society):

Winter 1970/71

Two windmill Restoration Appeals

Summer 1971

Cross-in-Hand windmill


Clayton Windmills (Jack and Jill) I - History (M Brunnarius). II - Restoration - J S F Blackwell


M Brunnarius: Jesse Pumphrey, millwright


P J James: Lowfield Heath Windmill


D H Cox: William Cooper - Millwright and Engineer (1825-76)


J S P Buckland: the Punnett's Town, Heathfield, Wind Saw Mills


D Paterson & D H Cox: A Bibliography of Sussex Mills


N Nicholas: Some Notable windmill Authors and Historians of the Past


M Brunnarius and R Martin: Windmill Hill Mill, Herstmonceux


L Stevens: Mills of the Eastbourne Borough Council Area


R C Pinney: Sussex Windmills and their Restoration - A 1970s Perspective


M C Bridge, Nutley Windmill - A Dendrochronological Investigation"


G Blythman and R Martin: Rottingdean Windmill


Yates,M "Windmill Sweeps In Kent and Sussex", Sussex Industrial History no.39 2009

Bonnett, R, Alfriston Tower Mill;

Karn, M J, Earnley (Somerley) Windmill



Welsh Mills Group


Journal ("Melin")

No 1 1985 J Roberts: The Tall Tower Mills of Glamorgan

F G Stead: Llynon Mill, Llandeusant


No 2 1986 J Roberts: The Windmills of Glamorgan

G D Nash: The Windmills of Pembrokeshire


No 4 1988 J Roberts: The Windmills of Gwent


No 8 1992 B Ellis: Windmill at Halkyn, Clwyd


(3) International Molinological Society Symposiums

Vol 1 1965 Wailes, Rex: The Technical Development of the Windmill in

England p135-40

Wailes, Rex: Conservation and Restoration Techniques in England



Vol 2 1969 Buckland, J S P: Alphonse Daudet's Windmill at Fontvielle, and Comparable English Windmill Design

Ogden, D: Chesterton Windmill

Wailes, R: The Work of the Windmill Section of the SPAB p91-107


Vol 3 1973 Major, J K & H: Wind Engines, a Necessary Study

Wailes, Rex: The English Post Mill p32-26

Wailes, Rex: The Composite windmill p120-26


Vol 4 1977 Farries, K G: Researching a County's Windmill History: Essex

Farries, K G: Windmill Disasters: the Record in Essex

Pargeter, V: Kentish Windmill Sweeps

Wailes, R: E L Burne's Windmill p317-18

Turner, L & Watts, M: The Small Tower Mills of the British Isles

Gregory, F: Nutley Mill, East Sussex


Vol 5 1982 Watts, M: The Effects of 18th and 19th Century Technology on English Windmill Development

Ogden, D: Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire


Vol 6 1985 Nash, G D: An Introduction to the Windmills of Wales

Watts, M: The Rise of the Governor


Vol 7 1989 Major, J K: Rex Wailes and the International Molinological Society


Vol 10 2000 Ward, O, The Odd Down Windmill {American wind engine in Bath}


(4) IMS Newsletters (1974 to present; from issue 49, Dec 1994, the newsletter is called "International Molinology" and is a much "meatier" affair, a publication in its own right, so articles and photos are being noted)

No.49 December 1994

The Smock Mill: A Comparison of Dutch and English Design (author?)

No.54 June 1997

Major, J K: A Unique Windmill Discovery in England {Lancaster Burne's windmill at Newent, Gloucestershire}

No.61 December 2000

Jensen, J, & Anderson, L: Experiments with the Reefing of Windmill Sails According to an Old British Patent

No.64 July 2002

Pearce, D L: Traditional Windmill Sails: Design for Power (focuses extensively on British windmills with mention among others of Copton windpump, Faversham, Kent).

No.71 December 2005

Hughes, G: Tailpole Winding on English Tower and Smock Mills

No.77 December 2008

Beacham, M J A: Variation on a Theme: The English "Midlands-type" post mill



(5) Mills Research Group Conference Proceedings


First (1983)

Mill Poetry - P Norchi

Small Computers for Mill Record Systems - A A Bryan

Military Uses of Mills - M Organ

Doorways Opening off the Stone Floor in Smock & Tower Mills - P S Jarvis


Second (1984)

Windmills and Populations Compared - L J Turner

John Smeaton's Windmill Designs - J S Buckland

Mills of the Essex-Suffolk Border - D Breckels

Recent History of Mill Study and Recording - A A Bryan


Third (1985) and Fourth (1986)

Lancashire post mills - D Paterson

Proposals for Mill Testing - D H Jones

Variable Mill Sail Weather - J S Buckland

Weedley Windmill Site - R Gregory

Location of Stones in Tower Windmills - F Hamond

The Vertical 3-Roll Sugar Mill - O Ward

Analysis of the Damsel and Shoe Feed to Millstones - D H Jones

Mill Site Indexing: A Progress Report - A A Bryan

Hoppers, Bushels and Multure Bowls - M Harverson

Windmills in Churches - P B Bryan


Fifth (1987) and Sixth (1988)

Millstones and the Seven Years War - O Ward

Moisture Testing - A A Bryan

Crushing Grain - A A Bryan

Coding Mill Gearing - D H Jones

Millstone Speed: Some Thoughts - D Breckels


Seventh (1989) and Eighth (1990)

Variable Weather in Windmill Sails - N Plastow

Horizontal Sugar Mills - N Roberts

Rotation of Windmill Sails and Fantails - P S Jarvis


Ninth (1991) and Tenth (1992)

Three Unusual Milling Machines - N Roberts

Millstone Makers in London - O Ward

Computers and Mill Records - D Breckels

Rotation and Dressing in Cornmill Stones - N Roberts

Landscape, Technology and Maps - W Bignell


Eleventh (1993)

Mill Data Bases - A A Bryan

Some Isle of Man Windmills - N Kelly

Origins of the Tower Mill - S Buckland

An Exercise in Millstone Making - P S Jarvis

Rotation in Mills: Definitions and Diagrams - N Roberts


Twelfth (1994)

Mill Testing Programme - P S Jarvis and D H Jones

Wind and Water Mill Recording - N Roberts

British and French Millstone Makers - O Ward

Fenland Drainage Mills - P Filby

Manx Windmills, a Contemporary Survey - N Kelly

Bloxham Grove Post Mill - J S Buckland

Lutyens' and Jekyll's Millstones - N Roberts


Thirteenth (1995)

Mills in Pub Signs - Philippa Bryan

Water-Powered Inclined Planes - N Kelly

Mills in Maps - W Bignell

A Windmill Gazetteer for England - A A Bryan


Fourteenth (1998)

Hughes, G: Barn-Top Mills

Hawksley, R: Twineham and West Ashling hollow-post mills, Sussex

Bryan, P: Mills on Village Signs

Filby, P: The Fen Millwrights

Buckland, S: Jack and Jill (Clayton)

Gregory, F: East Sussex Mills


Fifteenth (1999)

Buckland, S: Hammond's Patent Governor

Filby, P: The Smock Mill in Cambridgeshire, a Historical Survey

Hughes, G: The Smaller English Windpump


Eighteenth (2002)

Filby, P: Millwrights, Mills and Engines - The Transition from Carpenter to Engineer in Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire 1750-1900


(5) Simmons Collection, Science Museum Library

Over a period of some 50 years, from the early 1930s up to his death in 1973, Herbert E S Simmons compiled a massive amount of information on windmills in all parts of Britain, using a wide range of sources. At the present time, Library procedure allows the notes to be consulted by anyone with a Readers' Ticket for the Library - see the staff at Reception about obtaining one. They are located in the Engineering Section, where they are arranged county-by-county in bound volume form. Within each volume the entries are listed alphabetically. The information has not been written up into a coherent account of each mill, nor is it necessarily comprehensive. Some entries are more substantial than others; also there are many inaccuracies (some of them fairly obvious).  It is best not to rely too heavily on Simmons as a source of information, and to check what he says against other sources where possible. The collection is nevertheless of inestimable value.


(6) Millnotes (6 issues, Reading 1970-74) Journal consisting of articles on various subjects to do with mills. Copies in the Science Museum Library, South Kensington.

No.1, October 1970

Simmons, H E S: Haverhill Mill, New Light On Its Origins

No.2, May 1972

Wilson, G C: Work On Over Tower Mill, Cambridgeshire, 1969

No.3, October 1972

Coulthard, A J: Recollections Of Some Somerset Millers

Sanders, D: A Cambridgeshire Smock Mill: West Wratting

Wailes, R: A Note On Gearing Nomenclature

No.4, April 1973

Banfield, J A N: Communal Flour Milling: Anti-mills, Union Mills, Subscription and Co-operative Mills

Hoad, C J: Experiences of Milling and Baking at Downs Mill and Bakery, Gunters Lane, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex

No.5, August 1973

Simmons, H E S: Some Subscription Mills

Watts, M: Heath House Mill, Wedmore, Somerset

No.6 1974

Wailes, R: Various notes on annular sails, milling terms, Lincolnshire windmills, smock and tower mills, Woolavington mill (Somerset), Halnaker mill, (Sussex), stone spindles


(7) Inventories of Royal Commissions on Historic Monuments for England, Wales and Scotland

A series of books giving details of ancient and historic monuments within various counties and towns/cities; unfortunately not all have been covered. Those for Cambridgeshire and Anglesey are mentioned in this bibliography but volumes also exist for, among other regions, Dorset (1952/1970s) and Northamptonshire (1985). A complete set is held by the National Monuments Record, Swindon (see above for address). The Commission holds in its archive the original notes for these surveys, which may contain material and photographs not used in the final publications. For details of the Scottish and Welsh volumes it is advisable to contact the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments for Scotland and the Royal Commission on Historic and Ancient Monuments for Wales.


(8)  The National Record of Industrial Monuments

A collection of index cards giving information on all kinds of industrial monument, compiled as part of the Industrial Monuments Survey some years ago, and currently housed at the National Monuments Record. The index can be searched manually by county, district and parish, but not by monument type.


(9) County Magazines, along with publications such as Country Life


(10) Victoria County History

Modern editions of the VCH have a section on "mills" within each locality. In the older ones, the information is best found by consulting the index.


(11) Buildings of England Series (Penguin Books). These are mostly still in print and should be obtainable fairly easily.  However the information given on mills is in each case brief. 



 The most important collection of British windmill photographs is housed at The Royal Commission on Historic Monuments (see above)  where it is available for public inspection. 

 Many county and university libraries, record offices and museums will hold photographs of windmills. The author is currently compiling a national photographic register of British windmills.




This index refers only to the main text and not to the newsletters and journals, as unfortunately the software for my website doesn't create pagebreaks and a glitch which I seem unable to solve won't allow me to add the page numbers any other way. So I could be wrong about that new printed edition…


Adventurer's Fen (Cambs)  473

Alford (Lincs)  5-6

Argos Hill (Sussex), see Mayfield

Arkley (London Borough of Barnet) 727

Ash (Kent) 97

Ashtree Farm (Norfolk) 341

Aythorpe Roding (Essex) 88

Ballycopeland (Northern Ireland) 103, 148

Barling (Essex) 655

Bardwell (Suffolk) 138

Barnham (Sussex) 51, 75

Beccles (Suffolk) 264

Bedfordshire 228, 257-8, 306, 539, 616, 723

Bembridge (Isle of Wight) 118, 141

Berkshire 201, 719

Berkswell (West Midlands) 54, 89

Berney Arms (Norfolk) 175, 805

Biggleswade (Beds) 667

Billericay (Essex) 580

Billingford (Norfolk) 46

Birmingham 275, 613

Birmingham, William Hutton's Windmill 612

Black Country region 275

Blackheath (London/Kent) 627

Bocking (Essex) 17, 563, 641

Boston (Lincs) 20, 58, 252, 568, 720

Bourn (Cambs) 153, 516

Bowness-on-Solway (Cumbria) 576

Bridlington (Yorkshire) 525, 765

Brighton (Sussex) 220

Brill (Bucks) 59-60, 174

Bristol Region 784-6

Brixton (London) 98, 116

Broughty Ferry (Scotland) 555

Buckinghamshire 232, 308, 314, 329, 501, 545, 577

Buerton (Cheshire) 764

Bungay (Suffolk) 508

Burgh le Marsh (Lincs) 120-121

Bursledon (Hants) 30, 61-2, 592, 630

Butcombe (Somerset) 645

Cambridge, Chesterton Mill 159, 307

Cambridgeshire/Huntingdonshire (including Isle of Ely and Soke of Peterborough) 208, 221, 259, 310, 315, 319, 321, 572, 672, 701, 789, 828

Caston (Norfolk) 50

Central Southern England 787

Chapel Allerton (Somerset) 77, 102

Cheshire 457, 496, 535, 541, 605, 730

Chesterton (Warwickshire) 177, 281, 487, 633

Chillenden (Kent) 96

The Chilterns 329

Chinnor (Oxon) 100, 123

Clayton (Sussex) 8, 19, 146, 270-71, 510

Cleveland 253

Climping (Sussex) 147

Corby Glen (Lincolnshire) 3

Cornwall, 225, 511, 531, 631, 637, 721, 829

Cranbrook (Kent) 73, 154, 294, 639, 652

Cranfield (Beds) 734

Cromer (Herts) 21-2, 57, 648

Crosby (Lancs) 771

Cross-in-Hand (Sussex) 132

Cumbria 574-5

Dale Abbey (Derbyshire) 160

Dalham (Suffolk) 80

Danzey Green (Warwickshire) 32, 90

Denmead (Hants) 285

Denver (Norfolk) 44-5

Derbyshire 244-5, 482-3, 817

Devon 276, 511, 531, 620-22, 624, 631-2, 721, 768, 782

Dogsthorpe (Cambs) 635

Doncaster 338, 830

Dorset 495, 526-7, 826

Drinkstone (Suffolk) 477, 750

Durham 606, 790

East Anglia 240, 486, 571, 603, 744, 767, 775

Eastbourne 317-18

East Midlands 827

Essex 209, 231, 234, 246, 265, 314, 325, 340, 493, 513-14, 596, 602, 609-10, 618, 646, 654, 677, 680, 709, 774, 807

Essington (Staffs) 65, 503

Faversham (Kent) 330

Fens 269, 498, 524, 794, 802, 831

Foulness (Essex) 512

Framsden (Suffolk) 10

Friston (Sussex) 318

Fulbourn (Cambs) 158

Fylde 219

Galloway 795

Garboldisham (Norfolk) 71, 328

Gloucestershire 196, 647

Gosport (Hants) 650

Great Bardfield (Essex) 562

Great Bircham (Norfolk) 14-15, 173

Great Chishill (Cambs) 327

Great Hormead (Herts) 757

Great Linford (Bucks) 479

Great Yarmouth (Norfolk) 653

Great Yarmouth (Norfolk), High's Mill 642

Guernsey 522

Haigh (Lancashire) 499

Halkyn (Clwyd)

Halnaker (Sussex)

Halvergate (Norfolk) 806

Hambledon (Hants) 285

Hampshire 205, 216, 229, 324, 521, 540, 548, 591, 593, 662, 678-9, 815

Harpley (Norfolk) 608

Haverhill (Suffolk)

Heage (Derbyshire) 56, 107

Heapham (Lincs) 109

Heckington (Lincs) 144-5

Henlow (Beds) 735

Hereford and Worcester 304,

Herne (Kent) 13, 52-3, 112, 431, 532

Herne Bay 247

Herringfleet (Suffolk) 84, 87

Herstmonceux (Sussex), Windmill Hill 33, 95

Hertfordshire 279, 305, 314, 595, 617, 628, 784-5

Higham-on-the-Hill (Leicestershire) 492

High Ham (Somerset) 129, 164

High Salvington (Sussex) 9, 115, 137, 463

Hitchin (Herts) 629

Hoath (Kent) 431

Holberrow Green (Hereford and Worcester) 585

Holton (Suffolk) 85

Holywell (Flintshire) 821

Horsey (Norfolk) 128

Horsham (Sussex) 214

Hull 823

Impington/Histon, Cambs 83

Ireland (including Ulster) 248, 272, 749, 757

Isle of Man 797

Isle of Sheppey (Kent) 262

Isle of Wight 229, 268, 589, 591, 593, 815

Kent 36, 189, 195, 213, 236, 263, 289, 326, 336, 705, 791, 814

Kibworth Harcourt (Leics) 560

Kirton Lindsey (Lincs) 76, 745

Lacey Green (Bucks) 7, 111

Lake Counties 811

Lambeth 302

Lamport (Northants) 640

Lancashire 210-12, 280, 769, 776

Langstone (Hants) 114

Leicestershire 278, 482-3

Lewes (Sussex) 74

Lincoln, Ellis Mill 119, 567

Lincolnshire 217, 222-3, 227, 260, 266, 331, 687, 702, 704, 732

Little Cressingham (Norfolk) 42

Little Dunmow (Essex) 743

Liverpool 491, 558

Llandeusant (Anglesey) 152

London/Middlesex 200, 207, 233, 267, 309, 314, 332, 480, 717

Long Sutton (Lincs), Sneath's Mill 181, 659

Lower Dean (Beds) 530, 737

Lutterworth (Leics) 554

Lytham (Lancs)  2

Margate (Kent) 82, 552

Mayfield (Sussex), Argos Hill 150, 448

Meopham (Kent) 69

Midlands 291

Mitcham (Surrey) 277

Moreton (Essex) 459, 681

Moulton (Lincolnshire) 660

Mountnessing (Essex) 23, 130-131, 184, 584

Much Wenlock (Salop) 135

Mucking (Essex) 588

Newborough (Anglesey) 656

New Bradwell (Buckinghamshire) 125

Newcastle 753

Newcastle, Chimney Mill 162

Norfolk 134, 190-191, 204, 282-4, 311, 313, 611, 698, 708, 762, 766, 774, 812

Northamptonshire 315, 551, 668

North Leigh (Oxon) 570

North Leverton (Notts) 67, 92, 136, 476, 509

North-East England 778

Northumberland 606

North-West England 755, 777

Norton Lindsey (Warwickshire) 4

Nottingham, Sneinton 143

Nottinghamshire 301, 482-3

Nutley (Sussex) 104, 156-7, 170, 188

Old Buckenham (Norfolk) 286

Orsett (Essex), Baker Street 581, 661

Outwood (Surrey) 25, 113, 185, 818

Oxfordshire 242, 308

Paignton (Devon) 759

Pakenham (Suffolk) 63-4, 471

Paston (Norfolk) 133

Patcham (Sussex) 126

Peak District 799

Pitstone Green (Buckinghamshire) 187

Polegate (Sussex) 99, 163, 320, 322, 669

Portsmouth 586, 746

Potton (Beds) 738

Quainton (Bucks) 28

Ramsey (Essex) 139

Redbourn (Cambridgeshire) 235

Reedham (Norfolk) 341

Reigate Heath (Surrey) 644

Retford (Notts) 198

Riseley (Beds) 739

Romford (Essex) 484, 489, 671

Rottingdean (Sussex) 151

Rugby (Warwickshire) 494, 770

Rutland 254, 278

Sandon Mount (Herts) 725

Sandwich (Kent) 179-80

Saxtead Green (Suffolk) 176

Scotland 226, 533-4, 614, 788

Sharnbrook (Beds) 256, 736

Shipley (Sussex) 16, 26-7, 186

Shirley (Surrey) 18, 140

Shropshire 304

Siddington (Gloucestershire) 684

Six Mile Bottom (Cambs) 773

Skidby (North Humberside) 29, 72

Soham, Downfield Mill (Cambs) 12

Somerset 215, 334, 519-20

South Central England 754

South-East England 754, 800

South-West England 203

Southampton 293, 636

South Ockendon (Essex) 582

Southwold (Suffolk) 634

Sprowston (Norfolk) 105

Staffordshire 261, 300, 566, 578, 664

Staining (Lancs) 751

Stansted Mountfitchet (Essex) 161

Stanton (Suffolk) 78

Stelling Minnis (Kent) 124

Stevington (Beds) 1, 70, 724, 740

Stock (Essex) 55, 579

Stone Cross (Sussex) 149

Suffolk 194, 224, 241, 295, 517, 691-4, 708, 742, 760, 763, 774

Surrey 195, 233, 290, 309

Sussex, 192-3, 195, 202, 206, 237-238, 243, 255, 270, 273-4, 288, 292, 297, 312, 475, 537, 666, 809, 832

Sutton (Norfolk) 34, 490

Swaffham Prior (Cambs) 35

Swannington (Leics) 101

Swindon, Windmill Hill 155

Telford (Salop) 165

Terling (Essex) 557, 562

Thanet 323, 619

Thaxted (Essex) 47-9, 682

Thelnetham (Suffolk) 11, 79

Thornton (Lancs) 24, 108, 166-8, 230

Thorpeness (Suffolk) 178

Thurne (Norfolk) 472

Thurrock (Essex) 515

Tilbrook (Cambs) 333

Toothill (Essex) 481

Toppesfield (Essex) 562, 748

Treales (Lancashire) 117

Turweston (Bucks) 598

Ullesthorpe  (Leicestershire) 66

Upminster (Essex) 31, 68, 172, 583

Upper Dean (Beds) 529

Uttlesford (Cambs/Essex) 303

Wales 239, 251, 485, 649, 752

Walsoken (Norfolk) 504

Waltham (Lincs) 182

Walthamstow (Essex) 265, 602

Walton (Somerset) 590

Warbleton (Sussex) 197

Warwickshire 298-9, 376, 665, 676

Waterbeach (Cambs) 563

Wendover (Bucks) 546

West Blatchington (Sussex) 106

West Grinstead (Jolesfield Mill) (Sussex) 110

West Midlands 199

Whitby (Yorkshire) 670

Whitehaven (Cumbria) 683

Whitstable (Kent) 296, 384

Wicken Fen (Cambs) 474

Wicklewood (Norfolk) 43

Willesborough (Kent) 37

Willingham (Cambs) 171

Wilmington (Sussex) 316

Wilton (Wilts) 183, 218, 335

Wiltshire 793

Wimbledon 127, 142

Wisbech (Cambs) 287

Wittersham (Kent) 91

Woodbridge (Suffolk), Buttrum's Mill 81, 86

Woodchurch (Kent) 40-41, 93-4

Wrawby (Lincs) 169, 497

Wymondley (Herts) 547

Wyre (Lancs) 230

York, Holgate Mill 122

Yorkshire 249-250, 253, 337, 339, 626




Aeronautics/Aerodynamics, windmills and 450, 494, 544

Archaeology, windmills and 320, 427, 446, 492, 525, 585, 626, 645, 669, 725, 747

Art, windmills in 419, 430, 451-3, 504, 657, 834

Bell alarms 716

Bibliographies 351, 391

Brake wheels 700

Classic works 345, 347, 363, 420, 816

Conversion of mills to other uses 342, 406, 466, 500, 573

Dating mills 750, 849

Drainage mills/windpumps 269, 211, 498, 524, 533-4, 563, 611, 708, 772, 780, 794, 802, 812, 823

Drive to stones 710

Electricity generation, mills for 354-5, 366, 432, 467-70

Fantails 359

Gazetteers 358

Horizontal mills 347, 441, 714

Industrial mills 367

Industrial Revolution, windmills and 368, 556

Mediaeval mills 203, 377, 381, 386-8, 485, 525, 565, 590, 597-600, 635, 656-8, 726, 798

Millers and Milling 426, 518, 549, 741, 746, 754, 810, 835, 837-9, 842-3, 845, 848, 851

Milling terminology 456

Millstones 413, 643, 651

Millwrighting 676, 756, 721, 822, 836, 838, 840-41, 844, 846-7, 849-50

Photography, windmills and 352, 357, 722

Post mills 427, 482, 503, 564, 590, 663, 691-2, 702, 747

Sack hoists 716

Sails 372, 460, 506-7, 696

Smock mills 537, 604

Stability in windmills 385

Subscription/co-operative mills 554, 670

Sunk post mills 385

Tower mills 483, 599-600, 658, 693-4, 704

Upright shafts 706

Wailes, Rex 833

Wallowers 700

Wind engines 398

Winding gear 697

Windmill, efficiency of 405

Windmill, design and technology of 375, 390, 407, 425, 601, 688-90

Windmill, origins of 685

Windmills, plans/drawings of 703

Windmills in general 344-53, 356-8, 360-65, 369-71, 373-4, 378-80, 382-3, 389, 392-7, 399-400, 404, 408-12, 414-18, 421-23, 428-9, 433-40, 442, 444-5, 447-9, 454-5, 458, 461-2, 464-5, 478, 505, 523, 528, 538, 542-3, 550, 553, 559, 569, 587, 594, 615, 623, 625, 638, 673-5, 686, 695, 699, 711-13, 715, 718, 728-9, 731, 733, 779, 781, 783, 792, 796, 801, 803-4, 808, 813, 819-20, 824-5

Windmills and children/young people 343, 402-3, 408, 433

Windmills, management of 401, 421

Windmills, collecting books on 561

Windshafts 706

Work of SPAB 443, 607





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